Monday, February 11, 2008

Knock Knock, Any One Home?

Yea, I'm home. I'm home with all of a sudden lots of stuff to take care of. Nothing big. Just life stuff. I haven't even had much time to surf blogs to read - oh the withdrawel!!! Trust me it sucks.

So, here's a recap of my life as it is, being just that - as it is:
-Son's foot is healing fine (thanks for the well wishes). Bruise is just about gone and he can wear regular sneakers again.

-I'm taking a 600 level class (ABA). For the first time in several years I am sooo truly enjoying the class. I love taking classes and learning more about my field of work. Go ahead. Call me a geek. But, honestly, for my masters and post 15 credits since I really don't open the books and read. And I manage to get an A. But this class, although so far I have an A, I need to READ the chapters. And it's a lot of reading and time management I'm not used to having to do when taking a class. But I'm loving it

-House - we've still been looking at houses. We see some we like. We saw one we really like and really want, but it's probably just barely out of our price range, but it's barely enough it's probably not an option. I'm really getting tired of this limbo. We want to move, should we move, will we move, when will we move, maybe we'll just stay here and refinance. Ugh. Limbo

-New meds again for Son. Upping the dosage before xmas didn't work. It improved his focus alright - turned into down right perseeration on things not related to things we'd prefer him to focus on (ie: not homework, not friends, instead collecting odd things, obsessing with playstation, etc). Huge attitude. Teacher only saw negative side effects of increase too, so now we are trying a brand new med. I was so down about it. This last med had worked so well for a couple of years. Now it's back to the med game - find the right one at the right dosage with the least side effects.

-Book reviews: I have about 5 coming in the very near future, so keep your eyes out!

So, see, nothing spectacular. Just life. My life as it is. Just right now kinda same ole same ole, but all good..

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