Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Update

I guess some weekends are just meant to be not fun, exciting and relaxing. A few weeks back, husband tried to fix a leaky sink. In the process he cracked the sink. In the process of taking the sink out he ruined the tile counter. Am I mad - heck no - we HATED that counter. It came with the house and would have never chosen it ourselves. So, off to get a new counter/sink. Worked on sanding the walls and painting them. Then worked on painting some touch up spots on the wall in the hallway, then the dinning room, then the foyer, then the stairwell, then the upstairs hall. You get the picture. Husband also rebuilt a computer for the kid to have. Repeat on Sunday - paint any spots missed, 2nd coat of paint in bathroom, work on computer some more. My back is sore. My head hurts from paint fumes. My stomach hurts from eating horribly this weekend (and I mean horribly). Let this be a reminder why it's good to eat well.

Oh, and the kid is still alive. He's been grounded - no screen time (computer, TV/movie watching, PlayStation) and no friends. He had a few rough days of talking rudely and arguing with me. I allow for some - kids will be kids, freedom of expression yadayada, but I do have a limit, and when the limit is met, the consequence is given. So, he read. And he read. And he read. And he played with toys he had forgotten he had. And he read. And he played with toys he had forgotten. Now he has proposed only having screen time on the weekends since that is usually how it works during the school year. Said he may as well get used to it now. Said it wasn't so bad after all and turns out he had lots of fun. But he doesn't want to socialize on just the weekends. Gotta love it when you find things to motivate AND the kid sees the value in his consequences.

So, how was your weekend?

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