Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can't Get Much Better Than This

Adam was supposed to participate in a study at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

There were a few phases before he got his turn. We easily passed each phase to continue in the study.

Yesterday was Adam's turn. He was to have the ADOS, an IQ test, a lunch break and then a practice MRI to get ready for the MRI/social skills component today.

After 3 hours the tester came out with him and told me they would be ending at lunch time.
Adam doesn't qualify for the study.

Because when they gave him the ADOS, he scored outside the range for being anywhere on the Autism Spectrum. The tester saw NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.
I was speechless.
I know he's been doing well. I've even wondered if he is still on the spectrum. So many good weeks in a row. So many social and behavioral milestones met. So much hard work over the years with behavioral treatments.

Although it's not official - he'd need a comprehensive workup to rule out Aspergers/PDD, and he'd probably end up with ADHD and/or anxiety, it's real. He's really, truly is making huge gains.

We've been lucky. I was a special ed teacher working with kids on the spectrum before we had Adam. I've been able to take grad classes to help him. I've been able to take time off of work to focus on him. I've had time to read and research. There is so much to be said for knowledge and early intervention.

Which is why I was so saddened to see this article in the Washington Post yesterday.


Keen said...

I live in NoVa and was so saddened by that article, too. I've watched my son turn into what seems like a different boy, thanks to early intervention.

Stimey said...

Wow! That's incredible news. Great for him! He's so lucky that you have been able to do so much to help him—and will continue to do so.