Saturday, May 2, 2009

Then Came Thursday. Again.

I started the week off great - losing only 1 pound, but noticing I was CONSTANTLY pulling my pants up because they were too loose in the waist!

This week I stuck with:
- Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones
-bike riding for 45 minutes and Shred Level 1

I REALLY wanted to get some running in, but it was either way to hot or raining. It needs to stop raining (for about a week now, with about 4 more days forecasted) so I can start the 5K in 6 weeks program. I can already run for 30 min straight, but I have no idea if I'm running 1 mile or 5. I need to track it and then set a goal to raise it.

But back to this week, I was doing great with one of the options Sun - Wed then came Thursday (I have grad class) and Friday (I'm wiped from the week) and Saturday (busy with errands and stuff). My final is this Thursday and my goal is to somehow come up with a plan to keep exercising at the end of the week. I'm great at sticking to it Sun - Wed, but fall apart Thurs - Sat. I see results Sun - Wed, and plateau Thurs - Sat. You'd think it'd be motivation to workout Thurs - Sat, but it's not yet.

Ideas fellow shredders?


Nancy said...

I have the same problem, though I tend to do better on the weekend when I have more time at home. I'm not sure what to suggest... do you normally exercise in the morning or at night? Maybe getting the workout done first thing in the AM would help?

Heather said...

No ideas but I bought the tapes off of ebay after I saw what good results you were getting.

I hope they work as well for me. I'm with Mom Ma'am Me... perhaps first thing in the morning before you get worn out or get busy.