Thursday, August 14, 2008

And would you like some dairy with that?

That is the new question around here for Adam.

After just about 2 years of no gluten and casein (minus a cheat every 6 months) we are giving him casein. And so far, knock on wood, please.don', all is going OK.

In the past, when we've let Adam cheat to see how he reacts we've always given him gluten and casein. And there's been a reaction. So, we go back to none of either.

This past summer I decided to peel another layer of the onion and we went to a Pediatric Gastrenterologist. Who did a lot of blood work - as in FIVE viles (poor Adam, he was such a trooper). And everything came back just fine. Except the Celiac Genetic Marker Test. There are 2 genetic markers. You need one of them to get Celiacs. He's got 1 of the markers. But so does 3o% of the population. So. We got to thinking. With Adam's history of ear infections and an amazing amount of antibiotics (the first round causing C-diff at 6 months old) and with a marker for Celiacs maybe he does have either Celiac or a true intolerance to gluten. Actually. We know he has an intolerance. That was confirmed by the doctor. You can't make your body react the way his does - it's not just a behavioral reaction. But we aren't willing at this point to scope him. We know staying off gluten is a good thing for him still. With an intolerance there is still hope he'll be able to have it one day.

But casein. Well, the gluten and casein proteins react very similarly - especially when you are looking at it from a Leaky Gut Syndrome perspective. But what if all along it was just gluten?

Only one way to find out.
Here's a bowl of ice cream Adam.
Two days later - here's a taco with real sour cream (not tofu based).
Two days later - here's some carmel sauce for your apple slices.
And all has been fine.
And my Mom has been visiting us for 6 days.
And all has been fine.
No extra hyperness, persevering and rigidness.
No bumps or red ears.

We're still going to take it slowly. But wow. Being able to have dairy changes things SOOO much. Even if it's just here and there (like cheese slices, dairy toppings on stuff) a couple times a week.

We'll maybe try gluten next summer. Maybe it was just Leaky Gut and his stomach is healing. Maybe it's Celiacs. To do more testing for Celiac's there has to be gluten in his system. They look at IGA reaction and a biopsy. But right now it's great to know that all his systems are looking normal, if there ever was damage due to gluten it's gone, and (keep fingers crossed, knock on wood) he can tolerate casein.

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