Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Science Experiments

Tonight, at the end of my son's TKD class, I hear him talking to the instructor about something he had flushed down the toilet. So I think, do I really want to know? Curiosity won.

Mom "What did you flush down the toilet?"

Instructor "The toilet cardboard thing."

Son "No - it wasn't that....."

Mom "Was it toilet paper?"

Son "...yes...."

Mom "The whole roll at once?"

Son "...no..."

Mom "Did you put some in the toilet and flush it while it was still on the roll?"

Son "umm... yeah"

Instructor laughs.

Son "What!?! It was a science experiement!"

Instructor laughs harder. A student listening also begins to laugh.

Mom "A science experiment?!?"

Son "Yeah, it was a science experiment. It was educational too!"

More laughter from instructor and student.

Mom "So, explain to us how it was a science experiment. Did you have a hypothesis and everything?"

Son "Yup. My hypothesis was that if it worked for Calvin and Hobbs it would work for me."

Mom "And what then was your result?"

Son "It works even better in real life."

Student is now rolling on the floor laughing, instructor continues to laugh and Mom tries really hard not to laugh.

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